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My Name is

Marisabel Payano

(Ms. Marisa)

I am the on-site

provider at 

AMA Family Daycare.


Along with my assistant Ms. Mauri, we provide a child paced and directed curriculum in a dual language (Spanish) setting to the beautiful children of our community. In 2010, I started this business because of my love for children, especially my own four little angels. AMA are the initials of the three people that made the most influences in my life, my grandparents.

My grandparents inspired me with their love, their patience, their friendship and their desire to want me to excel in life. This inspiration is something that I want to bring to other children.

An overall safe and nurturing space.

AMA Family Daycare is a classroom inspired HOME environment. We believe that every child deserves to have someone in their life to inspire them to do and be the best that they can be at their own pace. The early years of life are the most important ones and those are the years in which a parent needs to make sure that their children have positive influences around them. At AMA Family Daycare that is exactly what your child will have.

Our philosophy is to believe just as our grandparents did, that a child should be allowed to grow at their own pace and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves and confident as learners through their play. Children should be given the opportunity to be children and have fun.

I have three goals to achieve with your children:    

 * to encourage them to feel good about them selves as human beings. To learn control of their own bodies and behaviors.

* to help inspire educational growth through LOVE ,FRIENDSHIPS and a sense of FAMILY;


* to help them learn about themselves as individuals, how to get along with others, how to appreciate the world around them and their importance in the world.

These goals are the foundation of everything I do in my program.

At A.M.A. Family Daycare your children will be given the opportunity to explore, experiment and create in a warm, safe and loving environment. 



AMA Family Daycare is focused on providing parent satisfaction, we will do anything we can to meet your expectations. We are sure that you will be happy working with us.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to Contact us

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