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The level of service at A.M.A. Family Daycare is fantastic. Having them as my child care providers for almost a year, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of the staff members and the loving and homey feel of the daycare. Thank you!

Jessica R.-2010

Now a days it’s hard to find child care that you can trust. A.M.A. Family Daycare was recommended to me and now I know why – the quality of child care service my child receives is great. Keep up the good work guys!

K. Israel-2011

My son started at AMA when he was only 6 months old and has been with Marisa and her staff for almost 2 years. I have been very happy with the love and care he has received and would feel very comfortable recommending AMA Daycare to other families. Marisa is warm, organized, thoughtful and endlessly loving. I really appreciate that she is open to discussion and interested in learning and growing as a child care provider. I am happy to see that she has been integrating more healthful foods into her program. We will miss all of the children, Marisa and Mauri greatly!! My son had a wonderful foundation of learning and friendship at AMA and I feel it will be helpful to him as he graduates to preschool.

Stacy R.-2012

I would just like to recommend Ms. Marisa and AMA Family Daycare. My son Wy has been going there for the past 6 months and is doing great. He is very loved by Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri and all the children (esp. Jada). My wife and I feel very lucky. We cannot recommend them enough.

Scott C. (Dad to Wy - 10 Months) Posted on {KWTneighbors@yahoogroups} 2013

Our son Sas. started AMA in May 2012 when he was 13 months. He's now finishing care in February 2013 at 22 months, due to the fact that we are moving. My husband and I have a wonderful relationship with Marisa and Mauri. We enjoy seeing them everyday at drop off and pick up. Our favorite thing about them both is that they are always warm and welcoming and open to talk about our son and anything that maybe going on with him. Mauri greets Sas. every morning with wide arms and a big smile, he has not cried once at drop off since we started. When we pick him up, he is happy, well fed and has a clean dry diaper. He often doesn't want to go home since he's having so much fun. We love how Marisa stays in contact with us via text/phone to let us know if there's anything unusual going on with Sas. , like he sleeps too long, doesn't eat much or is just not himself. Both Marisa and Mauri provide so much love to Sas. and the other children, which you'll be able to see when you visit. The kids are always happy and playing and the environment is organized. They are willing to adapt to you and your child's needs, whether that be a longer nap, more food, more hugs, help with sharing, even extra attention when molars are arriving. Marisa gives amazing feedback, so you really have a sense of how your child's day was, which is very important to two working parents. Since starting at AMA Sas. has learned to walk, speak some Spanish, easily transition from two naps to one, then easily learned to go from a pac N play onto a mat, is a dancing machine and is speaking well over 50 words. He has made many friends of all ages and my husband and I are very pleased with his first experience into child care. My only concern are the excessive amount of trash out front including mattresses and electrical wires, which has no bearing on AMA and the space is a little small. Other then that, we have nothing but good things to say.

E. & A. Burling-2013

Marisa has been incredibly loving and patient with Finn, who can be challenging. So has her assistant Mauri. We've seen great improvements in organization and environment over the 1 year and a half Finn attended AMA. This is a strong example of how AMA is always striving to improve. She's been incredibly flexible with time and scheduling, and has always listened to our dietary requests for Finn. (she feeds the kids in a healthy manner overall anyways, I should note) I only have one criticism, the space is quite small. Marisa is quite ingenious about how she makes the most of a small space. The daycare is always very clean. I hope one day she gets to open and expand in a larger facility, because we know she'd run an amazing business in a bigger place.


As a first time mom, I was was very nervous about leaving my son (who was 4 months old at the time) with someone else during the day. AMA was very helpful and sent me texts and picture messages to help me along! Marisa, Mauri and all the AMA children were very loving to my son. He is usually smiling at drop off and seems to have so much fun. He is 20 months old now and is a bright happy boy. In addition to being a mom, I am also a therapist who works with children, and as a professional I can recommend AMA Family Daycare. It is a healthy environment in which children can develop, learn and grow.

Kate C.-2013

First, It's not fair that I have to fill this out because it makes me realize the vacuum that will occur without you in our lives, and I really mean our lives. Ms. Marisa and Mauri, you guys are a sense of comfort, inspiration and love for our entire family. When Ayla started at AMA she just slipped right in without a tear or complaint. Both of your smiles, love and enthusiasm not to mention the companionship of your kids, folded Ayla right into the mix. She has grown in love and happiness in your care. I knew that when the time came it would be the same for our baby Cora. You were so understanding when we had the false start due to Cora's illness. But from the first day she went into your waiting arms and smiles, everyday since then she goes to school with the silliest baby grin. We are so sad to leave you but so happy for the time we had with you. We love you both so much and hope that you will be part of our lives no matter where you live.

Samantha D.-2014

Our daughter started AMA at 17 months old. She left at 2 and a half , but only because we moved to New Jersey! People would ask me if I planned to put her in a preschool but we were so happy with the love, nurturing and skills she received from Ms. Marisa and Ms .Mauri, that we didn't consider it at all. One of the most important things our daughter learned at AMA was how to build loving relationships and friendships with other children of varies ages. She also learned to count and sing songs in Spanish. I would absolutely recommend AMA to other families. We are heartbroken to leave.

Jessica T.-2015

Ms. Marisa, you've been such a wonderful part of our lives the past 3 1/2 years. You are truly part of my family. you have helped me raise my kids and shape them into who they are today. We all love you and your family so much. I wish you all the best.

Kate G.-2015

Our Child began attending AMA Daycare at age 2, and we were nervous about how he would adapt to his new daycare. We need not have to worry- Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri were very attentive and loving, and made an extra effort to support our child during the transition. They were very communicative with us both and always honored our requests related to issues like nutrition and potty training. our child developed wonderful friendships at AMA and we know he will miss his teachers and his peers. I would recommend AMA to other parents- particularly parents of babies and younger toddlers. AMA is a very warm, nurturing place and Ms.Marisa and Ms. Mauri make every effort to help kids and parents feel comfortable.

Rachel L.-2016

My grandson has spent the past three years at Ms. Marisa's. Very loving and kind. Highest recommendation.

Patrick (Grandpa to Bash 4yrs old) Posted on {KWTneighbors@yahoogroups}2016

I just took my kids to visit our old daycare provider and she said that she currently has openings, so I wanted to share with this group. Marisa, the owner of AMA daycare, is one of the most amazing and caring women I have ever come across. She cared for my son from age 1-4 and for my daughter from infancy until we left the neighborhood a few months ago to resettle in the burbs :(. Throughout our three years with Marisa, she was our extended family. She and her assistant, Mauri, loved our children as their own, kept them engaged and entertained and most importantly instilled a kindness that has really shaped their personalities. My husband and I will still sometimes discuss how different our children could have been if we hadn't found Marisa and Mauri.

A little more about the daycare, she keeps longer hours than most daycares. I am not sure if that still stands, but from my memory, she had the widest availability of any other provider in the neighborhood. The space is small, but definitely sufficient for the age group. She has a small outdoor space in the front of the house, but often takes the kids to the playground. She provides all of the meals and cooks a lot of delicious Dominican food! She and Mauri are also fluent Spanish speakers and will speak to your children exclusively in Spanish if you request. If not, your children will pick up tons of Spanish just being in their environment. My children still use Spanish phrases that they picked up at Marisa's.

If you are looking for a space, give her a call at 347-248-7368. She is located in Kensington right off Cortelyou.


Katherine, mom to Eyoab (5) and Selam (2) now living in Maplewood.. Posted on {CortelyouMoms@yahoogroups}2016

It's incredibly sad to be leaving AMA Daycare after more then 2 and a half years. Bash and I have had nothing but good memories and experiences with Marisa and Mauri. They have cared and helped raise my son as if he were one of their own. AMA has surpassed all my expectations and has become near and dear to our hearts. I think both Bash and I will have a difficult time leaving the AMA family. He has grown and learned so much in his time being there and built character and friendships that I hope he uses as an example for the future. If AMA had all the space in the world, I'd recommend everyone send their child there.


Victoria R.-2016

If you are reading this, it means our time at AMA is coming to an end. I'm so sad to leave such a wonderful place but am happy knowing that another child will benefit from all AMA has to offer. Our daughter was 8 months old when she started there and she soon will be 4. I'll never forget the day we went to visit AMA and were talking to Marisa, when Mauri walked into the room. Her whole face lit up when she saw our then baby and like the experienced caregiver that she is, she came right over, picked up our baby and started playing with her. Madelene went right to her loving arms.

Its so hard to work full time when you have a young child but knowing that Mad. was being taken care of by Marisa and Mauri put our mind at ease. Honestly, we rarely if ever worried about her while we were working. Marisa offers excellent childcare and has been very flexible over these past 3 years,always helping us out when we were in a pinch. We truly can not say enough great things about our experience at AMA and I feel so lucky to have found them. This is a truly special place and we will miss them terribly.

We had so many worries/concerns when we started looking for a daycare for our child. We quickly realized that AMA is a place you can trust. A place where your child can learn, grow and get lots of love. If you are looking for a safe, loving and nurturing place for your child, we can not recommend AMA enough! Both Marisa and Mauri are capable, engaging and dedicated professionals who have not only taken great care of our child , but have also helped us as parents. We are both happy to talk to anyone who may have questions about our experience. 

Jennifer and Libby-2017

My daughter went to AMA Family Daycare from the age of 2 until she started Pre-K. We chose AMA because we wanted something that felt more like in home care rather than a more formal daycare setting and it worked out perfectly for us.

AMA has a great mix of ages and the daycare itself feels very like a home which I think really helped our daughter with the transition to full-time care. It really feels like a big family and I think the interactions with the older kids are a fantastic bonus that you won’t get elsewhere. Marisa and Mauri are wonderful with the kids and there is a level of personal care and attention that I don’t feel you would get in many daycares. Everything is play-based which is great, although the day has a structure which I think really helped our daughter when it came it start pre-K.

I recommend AMA very highly to any other prospective parents - you get a level of communication (texts, pictures) and understanding (we restructured our days when my husband lost his job and then resumed full time when, happily, he got a new one!) that you won’t get elsewhere. When I was admitted to hospital suddenly and unexpectedly to have my son three weeks early, Marisa kept my daughter overnight until my mother-in-law could get here and take over. All in all AMA is very reasonable, has longer hours than most daycares I looked at and provides a level of personal care that I believe is really rare. We felt very lucky to have had Marisa and Mauri in our lives.

K. Rance

Mother to Felix & Gabriel-2018

Hunter started at AMA when she 6 months old. As an anxious first time parent, I was worried about naps, bottles and having someone to comfort her when she cried. Marisa and Mauri took care of her like she was one of their own baby, taught her (patiently & lovingly!) how to fall asleep for naps on her own, held her when she cried and made me feel easy knowing she was in a loving and nurturing place. As Hunter got older, Marisa and Mauri were with us every step of the way, through every phase they not only helped Hunter make major developmental milestones with humor, wisdom and love but sometimes I felt like they were helping us with these transitions as much as they were helping her. Friendships, laughter, music and love have dominated Hunter's life at AMA and I couldn't be more grateful for all that they have done. they have helped us raise our daughter from 6 months to 4 years and instilled in her wonderful values. AMA is our family and I would recommend this daycare to any parent looking for wonderful partners in bringing up their small children.

L&E Jankstorm-2018

My son joined AMA January 2018 at the age of 2 and it has been a worthwhile experience. I've watched him grow in different spheres; he's been able to express himself more,constructing long sentences and is even picking up the Spanish language. He's also picked up some good habits. I've watch Ms. Marisa and Mauri tend to the kids lovingly and I would definitely recommend AMA.


To place your child in the care of Ms. Marisa and her partner Ms. Mauri is to place them in the hands of the most PATIENT, LOVING and WARM caregivers. Our 4 year old has been with AMA since he was a year and a half and has absolutely blossomed!! he learned how to count, read, use the potty, speak more Spanish while in their care and we are forever grateful. my son is well prepared for pre-k because of the guidance and support he received at AMA. Marisa and Mauri provided the peace of mind we needed while working long hours. we trust AMA wholeheartedly and know that they will always be part of our lives. Thank you!!!!!

Liz Hernandez-2018

My daughter came to AMA in Nov 2017, when she was 17 months old. after taking a tour of the space and speaking to Marisa, we decided to bring our little to AMA. We started off transitioning her with half-days stays(which just lasted a few days) and then she became full time. In nearly a year, she has grown so much! She has made friends, absolutely loves Marisa and Mauri, and even though they are not a school, my daughter is learning her alphabet and numbers.

Marisa has been a trusted resource and part of the village raising Lizzie. When we thought she had a speech delay, Marisa reassured us and an evaluation noted the same. Shortly after, her language skills just jumped through the roof. Lizzie speaks and understand three languages because AMA offers Spanish immersion in addition to our dual language household.

Marisa is not only responsive (sending pictures and texts constantly to reassure us and sometimes to remind us of key deadlines) but she is ORGANIZED! Her attention to detail, including updates about your child and their health and well-being , puts one's mind at peace. She and Mauri truly love these children and the love and appreciation is quite evident and mutual when the kids run into their arms at drop off in the morning.

As working parents, there's no better feeling than knowing that the people you have trusted to care for your child, will care for them as their own. With that said, I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND AMA FAMILY DAYCARE. If you are looking for a family- like setting; loving and caring staff; safe, reliable and year-round childcare, then AMA Family Daycare is the place for your family, especially in the Kensington-Windsor Terrace community!!!


Our daughter Gina attended AMA daycare in 2019 starting as an 8-month old , and up until we moved out of New York City. I can’t even begin to describe Marisa and Mauri's love, care, and kindness. Our daughter would come home from daycare with new words (many in Spanish), tricks and tools that would surprise us every week. For instance, she would remind us when we sat down to eat, 'it's time to wash my hands', by rubbing her hands together, just one of many good manners she picked up at AMA. Her first Spanish word we were able to pinpoint was "Hola!" spoken into the remote control held to her ear. Music, dance, and laughter are huge parts of this daycare. As first time parents, Marisa and Mauri were sage guides for us, gently letting us know when Gina was ready to graduate into the next phase of toddler-hood, be it transitioning to sippy cups, solid foods, or anything else. We immensely miss these wonderful caregivers and the other babies. I whole heartedly recommend AMA to anyone considering them for daycare. You will not only get daycare, but also a very fun new family.

Kate U.  -2020


Our son, Emmanuel spent two beautiful years at AMA daycare. Marisabelle and Mauri were loving, patient and dedicated care takers to him, and it was amazing to send him to a place we knew he was so loved. Emmanuel made friends, watched and learned from the older kids, and gained confidence by feeling the younger kids learn from him. It was great hearing his little Spanish phrases as they developed, seeing his dance moves evolve, and watch him grow from the excellent food he was fed. This is a special place, a little spot of Caribbean sunshine in the Brooklyn landscape. We are so grateful, and hope we can stay in touch. If you are looking for a place that will shower love on your child, this is it.

Erika and Misha-2020


Our family had a wonderful experience with A.M.A. Our daughter attended the daycare from ages 1-3 and Marisabel and Mauri provided an incredibly loving and caring environment for her. Our daughter had some food allergies, and Marisabel took every precaution to ensure that the daycare was a safe environment for her. Marisabel was attentive, asked about our daughter’s status regarding these allergies, and was overall communicative - which we greatly appreciated, putting our minds at ease. We would highly recommend A.M.A daycare to anyone looking for a nurturing environment for their child!

Dave & Ro -2020



AMA Daycare was a wonderful place for my child. I was very nervous about leaving my little one in a new place, as many of us new mamas can be, but the warmth of Marisa and Mauri made it apparent that my son was in great hands.

Marisa and Mauri have become very much like extended family, offering support above and beyond what is required. I would absolutely recommend this space.


Marisa, we kept thinking this would be over soon enough to say this in person, but 2020 hasn't brought that kind of luck. We can not thank you enough- Thank doesn't really cover it- how do you thank someone for seeing, loving, caring for your child as if she were part of the family? We could never thank you enough for everything you've given to Zee and to us. Whatever happens in the rest of her life, we know that her happy, silly and joyful foundation came from her time at AMA and there are no words for how grateful we are. Zee misses you, of course, and we do too! We miss knowing there are two people in the world who love her as much as we do and being able to pepper you with every single worry and question that first- timers have. Thank you for being part of our family! Cant wait to see you when this is over.

Sarah M. & Jasmine F. -2020

Our daughter, JoJo, started at AMA when she was 7 months old. Marisa and Mauri have done an incredible job taking care of her; they treat her like family. Each day JoJo could not wait to go to AMA to see her friends. She learned so much in AMA’s care. It is a very well run daycare that does an exceptional job communicating with parents. We would absolutely recommend AMA to anyone who needs care for their kids. 

Zach and Allison- 2021

Looking for childcare is always a challenge, even more so when you move to a whole new neighborhood. I was lucky enough to be told about A.M.A. Family Daycare and am forever grateful. I have never met such kind and big hearted people in my life! At AMA my child blossomed, she would always come home with new stories to tell and art projects she made. She taught us all about animals on a farm, and about the different seasons, and how to celebrate holidays of all religions. The impact that Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri have had on our lives goes beyond words. For a parent all you want is for your child to be happy and taken care of, and at AMA I knew that my daughter was in the best hands. The name says it all, at AMA you are part of a loving family. I'm so glad they will forever be a part of our lives. 

Meli & Andy-2021


We have had 5 wonderful years with AMA, firstly with our daughter Felix, who started at 2 years old and left to start Pre-K and secondly with our son Gabriel, who also started at 2 and left to start Pre-K at 4 years old. We were looking for a smaller daycare, something that felt more personal but that still offered all the social and learning advantages of a more formal daycare setting. We definitely found what we were looking for in AMA.

Dropping our kids off with Ms Marisa and Ms Mauri always felt more like bringing them to visit family than taking them to daycare - they both genuinely treat the children in their care as if they were their own. The daycare is safe, secure and welcoming and the mix of ages is a great boon to all the kids, creating a real family atmosphere.

Ms Marisa has implemented a lot of learning which my son has really responded to and we feel confident that he is starting pre-K with a solid grounding in his numbers and letters. They also have a great outdoor playing space which the kids love.

We are so grateful to AMA for everything they have done for our family in the last 5 years. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to other families looking for a safe, welcoming environment for their kids to grow and learn.

Kate R. & Nick D.-2021{Parents to Felix & Gabe}


Ari started at AMA when he was 5 months old. We couldn't be happier with the care both Marisa and Mauri provided for our baby. They are both incredibly warm, loving, playful and supportive of the children they look after. We sent our son to AMA during covid 19 so we've never been inside, but every time we dropped him off and picked him up, he had a gigantic smile on his face. We felt safe leaving our baby with them everyday. My partner and I had a very nice relationship with the providers and would communicate via text. We would definitely recommend AMA to other families in the neighborhood very highly. 

Lauren & Sylvia-2021


Josie started at AMA in January 2022 at 20 months old. Ms. Marisa was very warm and welcoming to Josie from before day 1. She listened to and accommodated all of Josie's food sensitivities and helped her adjust to her first full time daycare. Both Marisa and Mauri were so great about helping Josie get settled in. It was difficult at first and Josie would cry, but they both helped her feel comfortable and safe and within a couple of weeks Josie would run to Ms. Mauri for a big hug every morning without looking back! We loved seeing her grow and seeing the activities she does. Marisa is thoughtful and creative in the activities and lessons and we are starting to hear Josie tell us about her fun days, which we love. We also love hearing Josie start to speak Spanish!! Through covid Marisa was great about communicating and taking the necessary precautions and making sure parents were connected. We wish Josie could've continued at AMA and would recommend any family to send their kids to Marisa and Mauri. 



Q attended AMA briefly at 8-9 months, then re started consistently at 14months. We were incredibly grateful Ms.Marisa and Ms. Mauri met Q where she was developmentally and were patient with her. She walked at 17months which felt late but we knew she was being lovingly encouraged by both teachers. We've also been grateful for working with us through struggles with biting and hitting. From the photos on the website and from what we hear at home, we love the songs you all sing together and the seasonal projects. I do wish that the kids could play outside more and see less screen time (especially Disney movies that we have not exposed her too). We have loved that she knows and plays with both teachers and children and all the kids birthdays have been a fun celebration for the whole group. We are so grateful for your loving care of our daughter and will miss you all as she moves on to preschool.

Rodriguez- 2022

                                                    REPLY FROM US:  Thank you so much for your loving and kind words. I truly appreciate you and feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to care for Q. She is amazing! And we love her so much and are going to miss her immensely!! I do want to address your concerns because I believe in transparency and want you to feel comfortable and happy with Q's experiences here. The whole time our baby girl was in our care, she was only shown no more then 20 mins of 2 Disney movies ( Luca, Encanto and a 6min short LAVA). Their attention span, inability to sit still/ quietly for long periods of time and lack of screen time won't allow anymore. They just aren't used to it and its some thing we do not encourage. I do want to clarify that I do use the monitor once or twice a week to add a video to a themed week or a read aloud book that I may not have but they are never more then 5-10mins. The monitor is something new that I just added to the daycare to help me with themed weeks. I am so sorry if this made your experience at AMA undesirable in any way. I also fully understand your concern about much more outdoor time. I spent the whole pandemic creating the outdoor space for them and its unfortunate that due to these extreme weather changes they haven't been able to enjoy it to the fullest. Please bear in mind that I'm licensed with the DOH and as long as its safe and weather permitting to do so I take them out most days before lunch for 20 mins and again an hour before pick up. We try to take pictures of everything but sometimes we forget as we get engaged in the activities as much as they do. I whole heartedly understand all of your concerns and appreciate your honesty and feedback. This will only help me be a better provider to all my babies moving forward. Thank you so much, I love you dearly and I can't wait to see how awesome Q is going to do in Preschool!!!!! xoxo.  



Levi started at AMA at 2years old. He hadn't been around a lot of other kids and we were a little worried how he would adjust. He loved it by the end of maybe the third day. Marisa and Mauri create a really warm and loving environment. I love how affectionate and caring they are while also teaching self control and cooperation. Marisa worked with us when our son had conflicts and issues and gave us good ideas for continuing lessons at home and making sure we were all on the same page. Marisa and Mauri really understand what it is to be working parents and we loved taking Levi to a daycare with  an emphasis on play and learning and building strong relationships with kids. Marisa and Mauri also do sweet above and beyond things, like birthday parties and gifts for each child, celebrating holidays and seasons, thoughtful Christmas gifts and even "school pictures" with all the kids which they provide us copies of! Levi will treasure all of it!!!

Sarah- 2022


Aya had an amazing year at AMA. Even on the mornings when she said she didn't want to go; by the time we picked her up she was smiling and having a great time. We really appreciated the dedication to love, joy and play at AMA. Great communication and regular updates especially in this age of covid were so so helpful, also was the patience to introduce new foods. We would definitely recommend other families to check out AMA daycare.

J.Rankin- 2022


Our son D started at AMA in March of 2021, when he was a year and a half. Thanks to the pandemic, it was his first time being in care of someone besides family and his first extended time around other children. Marisa and Mauri's constant affection and enthusiasm made the transition easy, and D was running into "school" in the mornings and leaving us behind! D has blossomed in his 17months at AMA, from being in Early Intervention for speech therapy to now chattering away and bossing us around. ( This is by far not the most important thing at his age, but he also learned to recognize all his letters and numbers and counts to twenty in both English and Spanish.) Marisa has always been refreshingly matter-of-fact in dealing with any problems, from diaper situations to misdirected payments to teaching our son to accept loud noises and attention being paid to other kids. We also really appreciate the friendships he's made with other children at the school , whom we often see at the Cortelyou Tot Lot or Parade Grounds playground, and we hope those will continue after we leave AMA. It's been a wonderful neighborhood place for D to grow over the last year and a half, and we're so grateful to Marisa and Mauri for the unfailing warmth, sweetness and generosity they extend to all the AMA kids and their families. Parents are welcomed to contact me with any questions about our experience at AMA.

Cheryl Klein ( 2022


My son started with AMA Family Daycare in March 2021, just shy of turning 2 years old. Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri demonstrated the utmost care and responsibility at all times. They are both very loving, caring and trustworthy. My son developed so many language and social skills, thanks to their work. They helped us get through the pandemic safety. We were so lucky to have AMA in our lives during this incredibly challenging time. My son was always so happy to be in their company. They have built such a beautiful community with the parents and children. We will miss Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri so very much. I recommend AMA to other parents without reservation. 

Wendy E. - 2022


Our daughter Aurelia started at AMA when she was 18 months in August of 2020, and our baby boy Dezi is starting soon at 3 months old. we have been thrilled with our experience at AMA and are very grateful to have found such a wonderful daycare that will leave a lasting positive impact on our children. we chose AMA because of the family daycare setting, Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri welcome the children as part of their family. the children are so loved, and they love Ms. Marisa and Ms.Mauri in return. we also liked that at AMA we were supporting a woman and caregiver-owned small business. Aurelia became so excited to go to daycare she would run in each morning excited to see her friends. the social bonds between the children are very strong, and Aurelia has learned a lot about interacting with others. An example of this was seeing how Aurelia shared so well and made new friends at playgrounds, and we knew that foundation came from her experience at AMA. Along with socialization, the education at AMA is excellent as well. Each week has a learning theme, and Aurelia was excited to tell us about what she was learning at daycare. Ms. Marisa and Ms. Mauri work hard to give the children a wide range of experiences and exposures, as well as reinforcing literacy and numeracy skills. In fact, Aurelia now wants to be a volcano scientist because of volcano week!!

AMA is also special because children benefit from a bilingual Spanish/English setting. It also has a fantastic outdoor play space. Communication with parents is excellent, there are plenty of photos shared, and Ms. Marisa is always available via text or phone call. We very highly recommend AMA without hesitation and have immense trust in the providers. 

Megan & Matt- 2022


We are very happy with the care our son has received at AMA since he was two, and we will miss Ms.Marisa and Ms.Mauri so much! I recommended AMA to a friend recently and told him that if he wants a daycare where he will know his child is loved, he should choose AMA. Ms. Marisa and Ms.Mauri have gone above and beyond to to give our child everything he needs and even helped provide care for him when we had a family emergency. The bilingual education our son received is the icing on the cake. He has shown more and more confidence with Spanish and his letter, numbers and color in both languages. 

B. Jordan- 2022


Our son Miles, refers to AMA as his "SECOND HOME". there is no greater comfort than knowing that your children are in the care of such loving , thoughtful and creative individuals. Marisa and Mauri go above and beyond in providing all AMA babies with an enriching and fun filled daycare experience. Each baby is treated with special care and so much respect and kindness!! we are forever grateful for AMA and will always consider their impact on our children as truly formative.

Braun-Chatfield-- 2022


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